Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update on the cultural center many of you helped fund

Dear friends and family,

 You may be surprised to see this post since I returned from my Peace Corps service in Mozambique over a year and a half ago. However, G-PROIL (The Group for the Promotion of Local Initiatives) shared a report to explain, mainly through pictures, the progress they have made and the events that they have held at the cultural center. I wanted to share it with you because this project would not have turned into a reality without your support and prayers. Although starting a cultural center was no easy task, many dedicated community members came together to create a space to celebrate culture and cultivate talents in youth. I hope you enjoy the photos and hearing from G-PROIL. I am really proud of the successes they’ve accomplished in their first year and hope that they will continue to overcome obstacles in the future. May the cultural center enrich the lives of the community for many years to come! Thanks again for your help and investing in the project. I look forward to visiting the cultural center in a few weeks when I return to Mozambique do so an internship with USAID. I will also be picking up on my blog so look out for new posts!

This report comes directly from the project managers, Binaisa and Benjamin
Gracey Uffman, we want to thank you for all what you have done for this association and for the people in Chibuto. We want to thank too, you family, your church and Peace Corp. We just hope that everything is going, the way you have planned there. Here, we are fine. But, words for what? The pictures are going to talk more than them. G-PROIL wants you to know about the project you have helped us to build here in Chibuto, which is the Cultural Centre “Xiwa Niku Pfuka” which means in English “ Fall and Rise”. But is not just giving information about what we are doing, is to show too, what we are doing. That is why; we have prepared photos that are going to help you to see what we are doing in the cultural centre. By these photos, we pretend to tell a little bit of the story and progress of this project. G-PROIL, represented by Binaisa Maposse at the left side, the president of this association, on February 2011, signed a contract of 5 years with Benjamin Sitoe the owner of the complex, at the right side.
Here is the president of G- PROIL, signing the contract. 
Here is the owner of the complex signing too
After signing, we were all happy with the contract, we have signed 
The place hired to use as the cultural Centre, out side the complex. 
At this complex, we have hired this office, which is the office of the cultural centre and G-PROIL. This was before painting the office.
After painting the office
Besides the office, we have hired this place too, in this complex, where the artists rehearse.
This day, they were dancing Galanga and Xigubo, a typical dancing of the South of Mozambique. 
This is the first group of students we had in the cultural centre, composed by more than 25 students and 5 teachers at the back.
PCVs Erica and Alycia helped out a great deal.
 Of course, we didn’t stop by here, but we have been trying to have a small number of the talents that we discover because of the costs, it takes. We would like to have as much as possible number of students, but is not easy to keep, feed and control a large number of students, still. First, because the group of management in the cultural centre, still learning on how to manage a cultural centre and it should be with a small number of students, second, because buying equipment, instruments and feeding the artists during the travelling, it’s not easy, considering the fact that we don’t have still, a sponsor. Nevertheless, when we can compose or create a group like these, even with the poor resources that we have, it makes us proud and believe that our dreams in a short space of time are going to become true. 
This is the group of dancing
This is the group of fashion show, wearing bags of one of the Chibuto designer 
This is the fashion show in the community
 This is the group of theater
Theater 2
When it comes to painting and drawing, we started producing this type of pictures, which is produced using local material, like reed, paper, paintings, etc. We hope that in future more kids, youths and adults can embrace this activity. The picture was offer to a school to motivate teachers and students to produce them at primary schools.
Through 2011, our first year of work, not everything went as we have planned, we would like to travel more than what we did. Change experience with another cultural groups around Chibuto and outside Chibuto, but conditions do not allowed us to do so. But we want to thank the local government that made partnership with a group of Zimbabwe. They made it possible, for the group to come to Mozambique in Chibuto and we have learned a lot from them. 
Another challenge we had, was to guarantee food for the artists during their rehearsing and when we have shows. Here are the students cooking by themselves, what allow them to learn home economics among themselves.   
This is the dancing group, preparing the table for them to eat. It allows them too to socialize, have  spirit of help and unity.   
They are now at the table eating
The director with a jersey, coordinator with a yellow shirt and the DJ, eating after a long  job at the cultural centre.
This is the group that has been fighting to keep the cultural centre going. 
I hope that in the near future, I’ll send you, other information. But I have to tell you that we already have a land to build the cultural centre, it 40m × 40m. It is at Chimundo, not far from where the cultural centre is now. Unfortunately, our camera is broken, but I’ll find ways to have photos of the land. So, we still have those coming four years to build the cultural centre. On my behalf and on behalf of G-PROIL and all the Volunteers of the Cultural Centre “Xiwa Niku Pfuka”, we promise you to continue fighting to keep this project going. All the best for you and all the people around you THANK YOU GRACEY OBRIGADA GRACEY KANIMAMBO GRACEY

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